Groups Glossary

Overview of the items and terms within the Groups Section of your Text In Church account

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A collection of People Records. You can enable Keywords, Automated Workflows, and Connect Cards for your Groups.

Groups Section:

The Section of your account where all the individual Groups are stored. You can create new Groups, as well as delete and restore old Groups from this section of your account.


The specific People Records that are a part of this individual Group. Learn how to utilize this tab here!

Message History:

A record of all Group Text and Email Messages sent to this individual Group. Automated Workflows are sent individually and will display in the "Sent" folder, rather than this tab. Learn more about the difference between schedule messages and Automated Workflows here!

Confirmation Text Message:

Send an immediate text message to the person after they complete the Connect Card.

Staff Notifications:

A Text and/or an Email message is sent to a designated contact each time the Connect Card is submitted for a specific Group. Learn how to set these up here!

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