People Glossary

Overview of the items and terms within the People Section of your Text In Church account

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People Records:

A People Record is a contact in your Text In Church account. Name, Primary and Secondary Phone numbers, Email, Address, Group Membership Information, and Conversation History are stored on each individual People Record

People Section:

The People Section is like a main directory, this is where all of your People Records are stored in your Text In Church Account. This is one place where new People Records can be created (manually by typing in the individual's information, or through CSV. File Import) In the People Section you can search for, browse through, and edit your People Records.

Conversation History:

The Conversation History is a log of all messages sent between your Text In Church account and an individual People Record.


The Comments is a field on an individual People Records that can be used to store additional data about this Person. Comments can be automatically added when the Person fills out a Digital or Smart Connection card, or manually by typing directly onto the People Record. Comments can also be Starred to the top, or deleted from the People Record as needed.

Opted Out:

The Opted out status indicates that the individual People Record has been unsubscribed from communications. If a message is attempted to be sent to a People Record that is Opted Out, the message will not be sent, and will not count towards your monthly allotment. Learn more about Opting In/Out here!

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