Account and Settings Glossary

Overview of the items and terms related to the Account and Settings section of your Text In Church Account

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Monthly Allotment:

The monthly allotment is the number of text messages that can be sent during the month. Text In Church only counts outgoing text messages towards your allotment. Each text message sent over your monthly allotment will just be 3 cents per message; you will be charged for that on your normal monthly invoice date.

After Hours Reply:

An After Hours Reply is an automated text message that sends in response to any incoming text message during a set period of time. Learn how to enable your After Hours Reply here!

Account User:

An Account User will only have access to the 10-digit phone numbers and Groups set by an Admin level User. Users will only be able to view and adjust settings on the Groups they are assigned to. Their inboxes will contain any messages that are sent to the phone number that they have access to. Learn more about User permissions here!

Account Admin:

An Account Admin is a level of User who will have access to all 10-digit phone numbers on the account, Groups, people, and messages, as well as the ability to assign permissions to other Users. Admin level Users are the only Users allowed to create Groups, edit billing information, or make changes to the subscription. You can set an unlimited number of Users to be Admins. Learn more about User permissions here!

Disabled User:

A Disabled User is a User/Admin that no longer has access to sign into or use the Text In Church account. Users can be reinstated at any time as needed. Learn how to disable a User here!

CSV Import:

CSV Import is a process to upload contacts from a CSV Spreadsheet into your Text In Church account. Can be used to create new People Records or update existing People Records. Learn how to import People Records here!

Export Data:

Export Data is a process to download contacts or message data into a CSV Spreadsheet from your Text In Church account. Learn how to export data here!

Contact Custom Fields:

Contact Custom Fields are fields that you can create to collect and store specific data on your People Records in Text In Church. For example, you could create a “T-Shirt Size” Field to then store this information on each of your People Records.


The Files section of your account is a folder within your Text In Church account where any uploaded image or file is housed. Files are automatically loaded here when they are attached to text or email messages sent through your Text In Church account. Files can also be uploaded, organized, and managed here directly in the Files tab.

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