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What is the Sent View and what will it show me?
What is the Sent View and what will it show me?

Understanding the Sent view and navigating to see messages you have sent

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Text In Church allows you to see the messages that have been sent and delivered from your account. It offers a lot of information regarding who received it, when, and the name of the message they (or the Group) were sent, plus details regarding the carries messages were sent to. Go to the Messages section and then click on the Sent tab to see this list.

Click “Show Only Group Messages” to display only the Group Messages you’ve sent.

By clicking on the Search icon next to Sent Messages, you can search by recipient name or mobile phone number. This is all to help you quickly and efficiently find your previously sent messages!

When you click on a specific message, a report will be displayed showing you the following:

  1. The total number of intended recipients

  2. The total number of people the message was actually sent to

  3. A pie chart of the message status, to quickly visualize the number of messages sent against the number of errors in sending

  4. A pie chart of the Carriers this message was sent to. This can be helpful in troubleshooting errors if you notice a trend between the number of errors and the number of people with a specific carrier

  5. Details of the message, including the name, timestamp of sending, and the intended recipients

  6. Preview of the message

  7. Detail of the recipient list where you can view the specific status of the message for each individual. If you notice an error, you can click "View" to check this person's conversation history for further troubleshooting. You can tell from here if they've opted out of text messages or if they have an invalid phone number.

If you are wanting to see your sent history in spreadsheet form, you have the option to export this data also.

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