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Automated vs Scheduled Messages
Automated vs Scheduled Messages

The two types of messaging options inside of TIC and how they are used. Automated workflows and Scheduled Messages.

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With Text In Church, you can save lots of time by utilizing our two types of messages: Automated Workflow Steps and Scheduled One-Time Messages. Each message type serves a different role, but both are very helpful.

Automated Workflow Steps are a series of messages created for use in a group. These messages are sent based on when someone joins a Group (either by texting the Keyword or being added manually), leading up to or following after a certain date that you have chosen, or when someone's birthday or anniversary approaches. Automated From these triggers, the messages begin sending out based on the schedule you have created using Automated Workflows.

Automated Workflows are designed to be a system that you set up once and then let run, so you’ll only need to handle incoming replies. You’ll no longer spend hours keeping track of what step you've sent to which person or manually sending messages yourself. Text In Church does all the work for you!

Scheduled one-time messages are found under the Messages section. These messages are date-specific and can be scheduled as far in advance as you would like. You can see a list of any scheduled messages under the Pending tab of the Messages section. Simply click "Create Message" to create a one-time scheduled message.

After you’ve composed your message, you’ll be able to select to send immediately or schedule to send at a later time. This will allow you to sit down at one time and schedule multiple reminders in the same sitting.

It can go to the individual(s) or Group(s) as desired. Text In Church automatically filters all the Groups selected so that if people are in more than one Group, it will only send it once.

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