Automated Workflows are one of the key features of Text In Church. They are super powerful in following up automatically with people that are added to a given Group.

An Automated Workflow is a series of messages that can be sent out automatically to a Group. You can also assign the same Automated Workflow to as many Groups as you like.

There are three different types of messages that you can set up: Email Message, Text Message, and Reminder Message.

  1. Text Messages: these are designed to be short texts to Group members. They can be used as a brief and convenient way to inform or remind them of a service or event.

  2. E-mail Messages: these are designed to be more lengthy and more in-depth.

  3. Reminders Messages: these are for you or your staff. You can set them up to send to whomever you would like. Talk about effective delegating, huh? 🤩 This reminds them to do something related to a Group. This message can be sent either as a text or an email message. For example, make phone calls, send a handwritten letter, schedule a time to meet, and so on.

There are also two actions that you can add to your Workflow.

  1. Add to Group: automatically add the member to another Group in your account.

  2. Remove from Group: remove the member automatically from a Group

To see your Automated Workflow steps, you will want to choose a Group from the Groups tab, then inside choose the Automated Workflows tab. This will display a listing of the steps for that Group as shown below.

You will want to make sure after you edit and save your Workflow steps that they are marked as active (indicated by the color dot to the right). Active messages will send whereas inactive messages will be left in a draft state and not be sent.

Text In Church also has sets of Workflow templates that you can load to save you time and give you an outline of steps that could be used in specific scenarios. To load these you can click Import from Template in the top right corner and select the template set you wish to add to that Group.

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