Automated Workflows Glossary

Overview of the items and terms related to the Automated Workflows of your Text In Church Account

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Automated Workflow:

A series of steps that can be sent out automatically to or about members in a Group. There are three different types of messages, emails, SMS, and reminder messages, as well as two actions, Add to Group and remove from a Group.

Email Workflow Step:

An email message sent as a part of an Automated Workflow to the Group member

SMS Workflow Step:

A text message sent as a part of an Automated Workflow to the Group member

Reminder Workflow Step:

An email or text message sent as a part of an Automated Workflow to a specific staff about the Group member. Most often used to remind the staff member to take an action (like call or send a note).

Add to Group:

Automatically add a member to another Group in your account. Most often used to add new guests to your active members Group at the end of their guest follow-up.

Remove from Group:

Automatically remove someone from a Group at the end of a Workflow.

Workflow Trigger:

This is what starts the Automated Workflow steps. The steps can be triggered based on when someone joins a Group when a specific calendar date arrives, or when a date arrives in a contact field.

Groups Trigger:

The moment that a Person Record is added as a member of a Group. This happens when a person texts a Keyword, when a Connect Card is submitted, or when a Person Record is manually created and added to the Group.

Calendar Date Trigger:

Send Workflow steps automatically based on a specific date. Send steps a specific number of days leading up to or following a specific calendar date. This is perfect for outreach events!

Person Date Trigger:

Send steps based on a date in a person’s profile. This can be used to send a birthday message to your members automatically!


Automated Workflows premade by the Text In Church team and used by hundreds of other churches You are free to edit the steps or remove any that don't fit your needs. Learn how to access these templates here!

Active Step:

An Automated Workflow step that has been marked as ready to send. If a message is not active, the message will not be triggered.

Wait Days:

The number of days after the trigger that Text In Church will wait before sending this specific Automated Workflow message.

Test Message:

Text in Church allows you to send yourself a test message of any of the Automated Workflow steps. Keep in mind, since you are not using an actual person record, the variable data will not show up. Instead, you will see the code in { } for each of those items. If you want a full test of a message, you can add yourself to the Workflow as needed. Learn more about using Test Messages here!

Automated Workflow Report:

This view gives you the ability to see the total number of steps processed for an entire workflow and the status for each individual step in the Automated Workflow. This insight can be helpful to understand how many people are on a specific step in the workflow, which people have already received a certain step, or why they might have missed a specific step.

From this report, you can also skip steps and push certain steps out immediately to certain individuals as needed. Learn more here!

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