Every person that you wish to communicate with needs to have a person record in Text In Church. After inside TIC they can be placed in groups to message further based on involvement and interests within your church.

When you log in you will be able to click on the "People" tab that is to the left of the screen in blue. This will open the "People" section where you can add a new person or import a list of people, as well as search for or browse for your contacts. 

Once you click on a person you will be able to see their profile. You will be able to send them a message, edit their info and add or remove from them groups as well.

You will also be able to sync with their social media based on the info they provide publicly on social media sites and it will allow you to see their image. Read more about Social Sync here.

In the People section, you can view three icons under each name. These icons will provide you information on if a person has a mobile number or email on file or if they are opted out of receiving messages. You can also quickly hover (hold your mouse over the icon without clicking) over the groups icon and it will show you if they are in any groups and which groups all at a quick glance!

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