The Members tab of a Group allows you to see all the people in the Group along with other details in a table format. This allows you to do bulk actions quickly as well as at a glance, see the status of your Automated Workflow steps for each person.

Inside the Group there is a Members tab, click here to open that page.

The page will open to show a table format of details. You can click on the header for each column to sort by the data in that column. For example, you might sort by Date Joined to see everyone that was added that week.

Also on this page, you can multi-select people records to do the following bulk actions:

  • Add to a Group

  • Remove from this Group

There is also an Export button to export all member details into a CSV spreadsheet as needed.

You can also add an individual contact from your People section by selecting the blue Add Contact To A Group button.

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