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The Members tab of a Group allows you to see all the people in the Group along with other details in a table format. This allows you to do bulk actions quickly as well as at a glance, see the status of your Automated Workflow steps for each person.

Inside the Group there is a Members tab, click here to open that page.

The page will open to show a table format of details. You can click on the header for each column to sort by the data in that column. For example, you might sort by Date Joined to see everyone that was added that week.

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Add to Current Group

You can add an individual contact from your People section by selecting the + symbol.

In the pop-up, you can search for a specific record, then click the blue "Add to Group" to add this contact to the current Group.

Click "Done" in the bottom right when finished.

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Add to Another Group

When inside of a Group you have the option to select multiple people and add them to another Group. There are times when you will want to add them to another Group for follow-up or next step Groups.

To multi-select group members, go inside the Members tab of the Group.

From there you can click on the area around the name and it will select it and turn the background from gray to white and the bulk actions will show in blue.

Then select the “Add to Group” option at the top to add to this new Group. This will not remove them from this Group but add them to an additional Group.

After selecting “Add to Group”, a pop-up will display that will allow you to select the Group that you want to add these members to.

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Remove From Current Group

From the Members Tab of your Group, there are two ways to remove People from this current Group.

To remove an individual, click the trash can icon by the desired record. This will only remove them from the current Group, it will not delete them from Text In Church.

To remove multiple People from the group, click on the check box to the left of the needed records.

Then click the “Select Action” drop-down at the top, and choose “Remove Members” to remove them from this Group.

This will not delete or remove them from Text In Church; it will only remove them from this Group.

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View or Export Data

To view more information about a specific Group member, click the eye icon by the desired record. This will display an overview of their record from the People section. From here you can edit the record, view comments, adjust additional Group memberships, view the full Conversation History, or even delete this record from your Text In Church Account.

From the Members tab, you can also export a CSV file that will contain the data of all People records that are currently in the Group.

Click the download icon to download the file.

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