If you utilize Rock RMS as a church management system, using the integration with Text In Church is a great way to keep your contacts, data, and messaging organized and up to date! 🙌 In this article, we'll cover the basics of how the integration works and common FAQs before taking the initial steps to set up the integration. Let's dive in! 🤓


The integration is with "Groups" feature from Rock RMS. This allows you to create groups in Rock RMS and then select them to sync into Text In Church. The selected groups will then be auto-generated into your Text In Church account as new, syncing Groups. From here you can add Keyword, Connect Cards, and Automated Workflows to this Text In Church syncing Group to gather new contacts and follow up with ease.

When contacts are added to this group in Rock RMS, they will then be synced into the matching group in Text In Church. Additionally, contacts added to this group in Text In Church will be synced back to this corresponding Rock RMS group.


What information is required for a contact to be synced from Rock RMS into Text In Church?

  • Text In Church can sync in the first and last name, mobile phone number, and email address of records to and from Rock RMS. In order for a record to be synced into Text In Church, they must at minimum have a valid email or mobile phone number on their Rock RMS record.

How are duplicates handled?

  • Within Text In Church, email addresses and phone numbers cannot be shared between contacts. This would result in duplicate messaging which can easily lead to your emails and texts being filtered as spam. If two contacts sharing the same information are attempted to sync into Text In Church, only one will be synced and the other will be designated as a duplicate. 💡 Learn more about sync failures here!

  • If a contact is created in Text In Church and the data matches an existing contact in Rock RMS, when the record syncs back to Rock RMS, the records will be matched up and prevent duplicates from being created in your Rock RMS account.

How are opted-out or inactive records handled?

  • At any time, your people can reply with STOP to opt-out of text messaging. This opt-out will only be reflected in Text In Church and will not affect their record in Rock RMS. 👉 More about opting out here...

  • If a record is marked as inactive in Rock RMS, the record will not be synced into Text In Church

How are Child records handled?

  • If a record in Rock RMS is designated with the "child" status, it can not be synced into Text In Church.

  • You'll want to make sure your Rock RMS Groups that are selected to sync into Text In Church only contact the actual adult contacts you want to communicate with. It is not recommended to sync an "everybody" group that could possibly contain child records since you wouldn't be communicating with the child but their parents instead. This would result in the child records being flagged as sync failures inside the Text In Church Group. Learn how to text Youth students if their records are marked as "Child" in Rock here!

Where should I edit or delete records?

  • Rock RMS will function as the master database in the integration. This means that if you need to edit a person's name or contact information or delete their record, you'll need to make this change on the Rock RMS side. The changes will then be synced into TIC.

  • If the change is made on the Text In Church side when the sync completes the change will be reverted so that the record matches whatever Rock RMS has on file for this specific record.

How often can I sync my groups?

  • At any time, you can start a manual sync which will be completed as soon as possible (depending upon how many other accounts are syncing at the same time, and how much data is currently in the queue).

  • You can set each of your synced groups to sync on their own schedule, either nightly, weekly on a specific night, or monthly on a specific night.

If you're ready to start setting up the Rock RMS Integration, click below to proceed to our Initial Set-Up Guide!

Still have questions about the Rock RMS Integration? No worries! Feel free to reach out to our Member Support team at support@textinchurch.com We're always happy to help!

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