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How to use the Text In Church recommended follow-up Workflow messages through Smart Templates by importing with one click

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Within Text In Church, we have multiple Automated Workflow templates for you to use. Selecting one of these will create Workflow steps and Messages directly into your Group.  These templates have been used by hundreds of other churches and are a great place to start. You are free to edit the messages or remove any that don't fit your needs.

Check out the instructions below to import a workflow template

  • Go to Groups, then select any Group from your list

  • Click on the Automated Workflows tab

  • Click on "Add Workflow"

  • This will take you to the Workflow section in the Connect tab, where you'll want to click the orange Add New button.

  • Then click "Create From Template" and hit the blue Next button.

  • For first-time guests, we recommend using the Guest Boomerang Builder Workflow!

  • After selecting your Workflow Template, choose the steps that you'd like your imported Workflow to have, then click the blue Next button.

  • To remove a step, uncheck the checkbox by the step you'd like to remove.

  • In the pop-up box, fill in the fields Sender Name, Sender Email, Church Name, Website, Sender Title, Service Time, Coffee Details, and Facebook. Your entries will replace variables in the workflow steps with your custom information. 

(This information is for the sender of all follow-up messages and is generally the main pastor or the person who most of the communication comes from at your church.) 

  • Then click Next.

  • If you need to make any adjustments to the information you just added, you can do this by going to the Message Variables tab in the Account Settings with the pencil icon:

  • Then select the Group you'd like to have this Workflow linked to:

  • This makes it so contacts who join the Group you select will receive the messages from this Workflow!

  • After the steps are imported, you will see a list of the steps that were generated. Click the name of the step to see the content of the message and the scheduling of that message.

  • Adjust messages as needed and click "Save Step" at the bottom to save any edits.

  • Make sure all are set to Active (green dot indicator) and ready to send.

  • You can activate or change the dot from red to green by toggling the step back on or clicking on the dot of an unselected message.

Note: you can duplicate or delete any of these template steps you don't want to use. They are just a suggested road map for you to get started with communicating with TIC. 

If you'd like help with getting your Groups set up with personalized Automated Workflows, contact Support about purchasing the Igniter Kit.  We provide advanced help in setting up your Groups and Workflows. This program can get you going even faster with Text In Church if needed.

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