Sometimes people we are communicating with decide they no longer want to get our messages (I know, total bummer).

Anyone that is in your TIC system can text the word STOP (nothing else, just the word Stop) to your TIC number, and they will be opted out automatically. This opts the person out of our entire system.   

There are two ways you can opt someone out manually.

First, you can find their person record, click the pencil mark in the top right to edit, and then you can uncheck the appropriate box saying if you have permission to email or text them.

The second way to opt someone out manually is to view the conversation history and select the icon in the top right to “Opt-Out of Further Communications.”

There are two ways to check if a person has opted out.

First,  when viewing the People tab, you can tell if they've opted out by seeing if there is not a green circle over the message or email icon. 

Second, When viewing the conversation history, you won't be given the option to compose a reply if they have opted out.

We cannot opt someone back in on the admin side; the user has to opt themselves back in. 

To opt back in, a person simply needs to text START to your Text In Church number. This will automatically opt the member back in. 

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