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Rock RMS Integration Initial Set-Up Guide
Rock RMS Integration Initial Set-Up Guide

How to obtain the API Key and connect Rock RMS with Text In Church?

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👉 Before we begin, be sure to check out this resource covering the basics of how the integration works and common FAQs about the Integration. 👈

In this guide, we'll walk through the initial steps to take so you can start using the Rock RMS Integration with Text In Church.

1. Generate an API Key in Rock RMS

  • Log into your Rock RMS account

  • Select "Admin Tools" from the left panel

  • Select "Security" then click "REST Keys"

  • On the right hand side of the page, select the little plus icon

  • Enter a name for the Key (example "Text In Church"), no description is required

  • Ensure that the "Active" check box is selected

  • Click on the "Generate" button to create a unique 24 character key for this integration.

  • Copy this Key for future steps

  • Click Save

2. Grant Permissions

  • Once this REST Key has been saved, a new user account will be created with an obscure name. This user account needs to be given permission in the Rock RMSsystem.

    • Open "Admin Tools" then click on "Security" and select "User Accounts"

    • Find the user account associated with the key. The name of the person will match the name of the key. Click on the name of the person to open the person's record.

  • Once you have opened the person's profile, click on "Security".

    • Under "Security Roles", click on the plus button.

    • This will open a dialog box. Select the security group "RSR - Rock Administrator". The role will be "Member."

    • Click Save

3. Enabling the Integration in Text In Church

  • Sign in to your Text In Church account

  • Click on Settings (Gear Icon). Click on "Integrations"

  • Click on the "Connect" button by the Rock RMS integration

  • Paste your API URL into the designated box, then paste the REST Key generated earlier

  • Click "Save" to continue

⚠️ If any errors are displayed during these steps view the Troubleshooting Guide here

3. Selecting Groups to Sync

Within this same page, click the "2. Select Lists" tab

Here you'll be able to search for and select groups from Rock RMS to sync into Text In Church ☝️ One important note...the system will only pull groups that have "Show in Navigation" toggled on and are "Active" in Rock RMS.

  • Click the left checkbox by the name to select this Group. These groups will then be created as new, syncing groups within the "Groups" section of your Text In Church account.

  • Select the frequency you would like this specific group to sync, either nightly, weekly, or monthly.

  • Once you've selected all the needed Groups from Rock RMS, click the "Next" button to move to the "3. Sync"

4. Running the First Sync

  • Toggle on the "I have received permission" so that you'll be able to send text/email to your synced people.

  • Toggle on the "Enable automatic sync" so that the integration will sync automatically as determined by each group's set sync frequency.

  • Click "Schedule Sync" to begin your first sync.

  • If you have a large number of people to sync, this first sync could take a few hours to complete. You can close Text In Church or continue using any other part of the application while the sync is running in the background. When completed, the synced groups within the "Groups" section of Text In Church will be populated to match their connected Rock RMS Group.

  • The "Last Synced" section will display the time and date of when the last sync of the integration was completed.

Now that you've completed the Initial Set-Up, check out the following resources👇👇👇

Still have questions about the Rock RMS Integration? No worries! Feel free to reach out to our Member Support team at We're always happy to help!

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