A process for automatically transferring data between Text In Church and another platform. Current Integrations are

Synced Group:

A group that was created first in another platform, then brought into Text In Church using an Integration.

Sync Failure:

A People Record that was not able to be transferred from another platform into Text In Church. Sync Failures can happen when a record does not contain a valid phone/email if the record is a duplicate. With Planning Center, child contacts cannot be synced. With Church Community Builder, records with the “Leader” status are not automatically synced.

Last Synced:

The date and timestamp of when the most recent sync of the integration was completed

Schedule Sync:

An option to begin a manual sync of the integration, rather than waiting for the nightly, weekly, or monthly sync to happen as scheduled.

Sync Frequency:

An option to select when specific groups from your integration sync. Nightly, Weekly or Monthly configurations can be enabled for each group.

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