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How to Use the Files Tab
How to Use the Files Tab

How to view, upload, and manage your Text In Church Files

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The Files Tab inside your Text In Church account is a great feature for storing your commonly used attachments. Rather than uploading the attachment each time you would like to use it in an email or text message, you can simply load it to the Files Tab once, and then attach it to your messages with ease! If you’ve previously attached a file to a message, the file will be housed here.

Here’s an overview of how to upload, view, and manage your Files.

Access Your Files

  • In the Left-hand Menu, click the Files tab

  • This will bring you to the Files Tab where you can click on the blue links to open any of your files. Next to each file link is the date the file was uploaded, and the size of the file.

Upload Files

Files that are attached to your email and text messages are automatically uploaded here to the Files Tab. You can also add additional files here through the Files Tab. To do this, either click the “Add Media” icon in gray, or drag and drop your file from your device onto the icon.

Manage Your Files

There are several actions you can take to manage your files here.

  • Within the Files tab you can create folders to organize your files as needed. To create a new folder, click the “+ Add Folder” link in the top right corner. Then name your folder and click “Ok” to save.

  • For individual files, you can click the 3-dot option on the far right to select action options:

    • View: to open the file

    • Rename: to give the file a new title

    • Move to... : to place the file in a folder within the Files Tab

    • Delete: to remove the file from your Files Tab

  • You can also complete bulk actions on your files by clicking “Select All” or checking the boxes by specific files. Then click “Action” to select action options:

    • Move to... : to place the selected files in a folder within the Files Tab

    • Delete: to remove the files from your Files Tab

NOTE: If your file is sent in an email message, then deleted from the Files tab, your recipient will no longer be able to view the file in the email message.

Learn More About Using Files and Attachments

Check out the articles here on how to attach a File to a Text Message or an Email Message

Still have questions? No worries, we’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Support team at

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