Allotment and Usage FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the allotment, usage, counters, and plan levels

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Q: How are text messages counted?

A: Each text message you send out to an individual counts as a message. You can send a text to a group of 100 people, and that will count for one message per person or 100 messages.

Q: How are text messages with picture attachments counted?

A: If you attach a picture to your text message, this would count as 2. For example, a text message with a picture sent to 100 people would count as 200 messages.

Q: Do incoming text messages count towards my allotment?

A: No, all incoming messages are free and don't count toward your allotment.

Q: Do email messages count toward my allotment?

A: No, only outgoing text messages are counted.

Q: Do unused messages roll over each month?

No, the unused text messages do not roll over at the end of the billing cycle.

Q: Is there an unlimited plan?

We do not have an unlimited text plan, but with all Text In Church plans, you can have unlimited emails, keywords, groups, people, connect cards, workflows, and account admins.

We have many plans available; you can review them here:

Q: What happens if I go over my allotment?

A: When you reach your account plan limit, a large green banner will appear at the top of your Text In Church account when logged in to notify you, and then you move to a pay-as-you-go system. Each text message sent over your plan limit will just be 3 cents per message; you will be charged for that on your normal monthly invoice date. Overages that occurred will be shown in the green banner at the top for quick reference.

Q: Can I upgrade my subscription for more messages?

Yes, at any time you have the option to upgrade to the next level plan, which you can do at any time in the Settings Tab.

Q: What if I need more texts, but only for a few months?

A: If there are seasons where you need to send more texts than you normally would, like leading up to Christmas and Easter or following up after VBS, you can add additional bundles to your plan.

Q: How many extra messages are in a bundle?

A: The bundles come in bundles of 500 text messages and each 500-message bundle adds an additional $12 to your monthly invoice. You can add up to 10 message bundles to your account at a time. As a note, they do not automatically fall off after a month, so you would need to manually remove them from your 'Account Settings' once your busy season has ended.

Q: How do I end my free trial and start my full subscription early so that I can have my full allotment?

A: After your free trial, you will have access to your full allotment of text messages. If needed, you can end your free trial period early and start your full service by signing into your Text In Church account, then click the "Start My Membership" banner at the top of the page. Your account will then be charged for your subscription and you will have access to your full allotment of text messages!

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