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How to tell what Workflow Step a contact is on
How to tell what Workflow Step a contact is on

How to tell where in the automated message process a contact is

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There are 3 ways to check what step of an Automated Workflow a person is currently on. You can view this information from the Members tab of the associated group, the Automated Workflow Report, and from the Workflows tab on an individual's People Record:

From the Members tab of a Group:

This will show you the Last Step completed for each individual in this group

  1. Go to Groups

  2. Choose the Group you want to see.

  3. Choose Members from the Sub-menu

  4. View the “Last Step” column to see the name of the step that was most recently completed for this person in the Automated Workflow.

 Note: If you number your Automated Workflow step titles, it's easier to see what step number they are on and helps with sorting. The order of steps will auto-sort by the scheduled time to send, not the title.

Automated Workflow Report

  1. Sign into the website version of Text In Church

  2. Click “Connect” then “Workflows”

  3. Click the name of the Automated Workflow

  4. Click the “View Workflow Report” icon in the top right corner

This will open the Automated Workflow, displaying the steps of the workflow on the left side of the page, and the report on the right side:

Workflows tab on an Individual People Record:

  1. Open the People section of your account

  2. Find and open the People Record

  3. Scroll through the Record's tabs and select Workflows

  4. From here you can click "Scheduled" to view upcoming steps, or "Processed" to view which steps have been completed already

    1. You can then choose to select the Send or Cancel button to either send the Workflow step right away or to cancel this step so the contact does not receive it. This can be super handy when someone joins a group who might not need a specific step.

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