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How to use Workflows to message about events

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Creating messaging around an event is super easy with Text In Church. You can create a whole series of messages scheduled in advance to send before, on, and after your event date.

Head on over to the connect tab and choose Workflows in the sub-menu. From here you will select the Calendar Date Trigger option. Then you will enter the date of your event. Next, you will choose which group this workflow will be connected to. Don't forget to click Next in blue to continue.

From here you will then add your workflow steps as desired and the scheduling of each message will be around the Calendar Date you choose in the first step. You can send on the calendar date or Schedule the Message to go on a date before or after the date.

A prime example of this would be an upcoming outreach event for Easter. You can now ask people to RSVP for the event by keyword and get added to the group. With this workflow connected, it doesn’t matter what day they join the group, they can still get a reminder message for the event and a thank you afterward. If a person joins the group on the day of the event, they will only get scheduled workflows for the date or after.

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