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How to navigate the iPhone iOS and Android App
How to navigate the iPhone iOS and Android App

What is looks like and what we can expect from the App for iPhone and Android

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Our mobile app for iPhone and Android is designed to enhance your Text In Church experience while on the go! This version gives you access to many of your Text In Church tools and features on your mobile device, while also allowing you to enable push notifications on your device when a person responds or sends a message to your Text In Church phone number.

Any account users and account admins can also download the mobile app so that your team can effectively and efficiently communicate with your guests and members.

Getting Started

Download the app in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by using the link below, or by searching “Text In Church.” Look for the app with our logo (Blue Stained glass window with a cross).

To log in, you will use the same email and password as the web version.

Download the apps here:

Navigating the App

Once you have signed into the app, you can access your Messages, People, Groups, and Settings. To navigate and access these sections, tap any of the choices at the bottom of your screen.

Messaging on the Go

The messages section will display all of your new, archived, sent, and pending messages.

  • Tap “Inbox” to view your new incoming text message. You can tap any of them to view the conversation, reply, archive, or mark a message as “read.”

  • Tap the + (plus) button at the bottom of the page, to create a new text or email message.


Within the “Settings” section of the mobile app, you can enable push notifications so that each time a new text is received, you can be notified right on your device.

  • Open the “Settings” section and swipe to the right on the top bar.

  • Under “Notifications,” click the toggle by “Enable Notifications”


You can manage your People, Groups, Workflows, Keywords, and Messages within the mobile app.

To export your contacts, or configure your Connect Card, you’ll want to use the website version of Text In Church, found here.

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