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How to Check for and Manage Voicemail Messages
How to Check for and Manage Voicemail Messages
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Voicemails are a valuable part of your communication process, whether they come in from a Caller, Team member who missed a call, or as part of a Digital Receptionist Action (like Press 2 to leave a Prayer Request). All your voicemails can be conveniently found in the Voicemail section of your account.

At the Voicemail Page:

Here's where you get a quick overview:

  • You can see how many new voicemails are waiting for you.

  • Easily identify which voicemails you haven't listened to yet.


Your Callers will receive push notifications in the mobile app whenever their extension gets a new voicemail. Additionally, if enabled, both Callers and Teams can have voicemails automatically transcribed into text and opt to receive email notifications for new voicemails.

Listening to Voicemails:

To listen to a voicemail, simply click the "Play" icon. This marks the voicemail as "listened to" and clears the notification. If you ever need to, you can mark the voicemail as "New" after listening by clicking the three-dot icon and selecting "Mark as New."

Searching for Specific Voicemails:

Trying to find a specific message? No problem. You can sort voicemails by date or use the "Search Caller" box in the top right corner to search for voicemail messages by the caller's number.

Managing Your Voicemail Messages:

From the Voicemail page, you have several actions at your disposal:

  • You can check the checkboxes by specific voicemails to select multiple messages. From here, you can mark all selected messages as "New" or delete them.

  • Click the three dots by a voicemail message to take one of these actions for a specific message:

    • Mark as New: This restores the "New" status to the message.

    • Call Back: If you click this, a call will be placed from your Talk In Church number to the caller. Your cell phone will ring, and you'll be connected to the call. The caller will only see your Talk In Church number, ensuring your cell phone number remains private.

    • Delete: Use this option to remove the voicemail message from your Talk In Church account.

Responding to a Voicemail:

Missed a call and received a voicemail? You can respond through Talk In Church by calling the person back. Here's how:

  1. Open the Voicemail section of Talk In Church.

  2. Click the Play icon by the desired voicemail message.

  3. Click on "Call Back."

    Click on Call Back

The person will be called back via the Talk In Church number that missed their call. Your cell phone will ring, and you'll be patched through to the call. The person you're calling back will only see your Talk In Church number, safeguarding your personal cell phone number.

👀 And keep an eye out for an exciting feature coming soon – the option to reply to voicemails with a text message!

Still have questions? No worries, we’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Support team at

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