Voicemails can be received when a Caller or Team misses a call, or as a part of an Action within your Digital Receptionist (example: Press 2 to leave a Prayer Request). All Voicemails will be housed within the Voicemail section of your account.

From the Voicemail page you can see how many new Voicemails there are, and which Voicemails have not been listed to yet.

Callers will receive push notifications from the mobile app when their extension receives a new Voicemail. If enabled, Callers and Teams can also have Voicemails automatically transcribed into text, and opt to receive email notifications for new Voicemails as well!

Click here to learn how to enable this for individual Callers.

Click here to learn how to enable this for Teams.

Click the “Play” icon to listen to the voicemail message. This will mark the Voicemail as listened to and clears the notification. If needed, you can mark the voicemail as “New” after listening by clicking the 3 dot icon, then select “Mark as New.”

Trying to find a specific message? You can sort Voicemails by Date or use the “Search Caller” box in the top right corner to search for voicemail messages by the caller's number.

From the Voicemail page there are several actions you can take to manage your Voicemail Messages.

  • Click the checkbox by specific voicemails to select multiple messages. From here you can mark all selected messages as New or Delete them.

  • Click the three dots by a Voicemail message to take one of these actions for a specific message:

    • Mark as New: the message will show the “New” icon by it again.

    • Call Back: a call will be placed from your Talk In Church number to this caller, your cell phone will ring and you will be patched through to the call. The caller only sees your Talk In Church number, keeping your cell phone number private.

    • Delete: deletes the Voicemail message from your Talk In Church account.

Still have questions? No worries, we’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Support team at support@textinchurch.com

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