Texting is a super powerful way to reach people. SMS (Text) messages are read and responded to faster than any other communication sources. Text In Church allows you to quickly send a text message to an individual(s) or group(s). You can also schedule these messages in advance, saving you time and eliminating the possibility of forgetting to do it in “real time.”

Here are the steps to send a scheduled one time message to an individual.

  1. Go to the Message Icon on the menu bar.
  2. Click the Create Message button.
  3. Choose SMS message.
  1. Choose a title for your message (SMS option only).
  2. Choose who should get the SMS message (you can opt to send to group(s) or specific people).
  3. Choose how you would like to send your message, either by short code or main number (please note that all messages containing links will be automatically sent by short code to ensure better deliverability).
  4. Compose your message by selecting Edit Design.
  5. Select Schedule to schedule when they should get the message (please note you can also select Send to send immediately).
  1. Enter the date and time when you would like the message to be sent; don’t forget to click Schedule & Save.
  1. You’ll see a confirmation that your message has been successfully scheduled; select Close This Info.

Another approach to sending to an individual is under their person record.  This will show all message history with this person and allow you to send an SMS/text message to them.  To do emails, you must go through the New Message option listed above.

To learn about our automated messaging system, check out articles on our Automated Workflows

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