Text In Church offers you unlimited email sending!

Pro Tip: Keep your emails short and personal. You will get higher read and response rates to email if you keep it short, simple, and relevant. 

Pro Tip 2: Schedule these messages out to save you a TON of time!

To send a one time, scheduled email:

  1. Go to Messages, and click Inbox

  2. Click Create Message button 

  3. Choose Email Message in the pop-up box.

  4. Choose if you would like to send it as a Personal or Plain Text template and include the title of the email if you would like.

  5. Choose who should get the message (you can opt to send it to one person, multiple people, or to a whole group).

  6. Enter in your information for Message From Name and Message Reply to email (the inbox you want replies to go to; TIC doesn't host incoming email replies).

  7. Enter the Message Subject Line.

  8. Choose Edit Design to type in what you would like your message to say.

  9. Select Save Changes to save the body of your email.

  10. Select Schedule to choose a later time to send your message or Send Now to send immediately.

  11.  Select Close This Info after viewing your confirmation.

Text In Church offers automated follow-up steps that include emails. Click here if you want to learn more about Automated Workflows.

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