You can check for new messages by logging into your TIC account via the desktop, mobile browser, or one of our apps.

When logging into your account, you are first directed to the Messages Tab. This section shows you all incoming messages and includes the message history connected with that person.

If you have a new message that has not been responded to or archived, it will show with a red-orange circle notifications symbol to the right of the word "Messages". This number indicates how many you have in your inbox. 

The blue flag shows which specific messages have been "un-actioned" or not responded to or archived.  When you click on the sender's name, the message shows up to the right.  You can see a full history of all SMS & emails that you've sent to this person, as well as any replies to SMS that they have sent to you.

To respond to them you can write in the box below the message they just sent to you via text. 

If no response is needed, you can archive the message in the top right corner to keep your inbox clean and easy to find new incoming messages. Archiving is not deleting, but simply moving to a separate box.

This is an awesome feature so that you can use to quickly see how many messages in your inbox actually need your attention! Note that it does not clear when you "read" a message, but rather when an action is taken on the message.

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