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How to check for New Messages
How to check for New Messages

Getting notifications and responding to the replies

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You can check for new messages by logging into your Text In Church account via the website or mobile app.

  • If you have a new message that has not been responded to or archived, it will be placed in the inbox and will show with a blue circle notifications symbol. We call this an unactioned message. The number by the Inbox tab indicates how many unactioned messages are in your inbox.

  • Note: Incoming Keywords are not placed in the Inbox tab like regular text messages are. When a person texts your Keyword, they are automatically added to the Group connected to that Keyword. You can open this Group to review those who have recently texted your Keyword.

  • When you click on the message shows, you can see a full history of all text messages and emails that have been sent to this person, as well as any replies to the texts that they have sent to you.

To respond to them with a text message you can write in the box at the bottom of the conversation.

  • If no response is needed, you can mark the conversation as “Read” to clear the notification or archive the message. Archiving will not delete your message, but will simply move the message to the Archived tab in the Messages section.

    You can also see a profile picture next to messages to see what users on your account sent messages to your members. When viewing these new pictures, you can hover over them to see the name of those who sent this message.

    • Note: these will only display on outgoing calls, emails, and texts. Any incoming messages will not shows these bubbles as they are coming from your members!

      You can view these by going into Messages, Inbox or Archived, and hovering over the bubble below the messages coming from your account.

The option to archive or mark a conversation as read is in the top right corner.

Need to quickly archive or mark multiple conversations as read? Click the check-boxes by multiple conversations in your inbox, then choose “Action” to apply bulk actions.

These are awesome features that you can use to manage your inbox so that you never miss a new message!

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