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Frequently asked questions about using Text In Church Keywords

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Q: Someone texted the keyword, but I don't see it in the inbox. Where is their keyword message?

A: If someone texts one of your Keywords, that message will automatically be routed to your Archive folder in your Messages tab.

Sending in a Keyword sends the Keyword Automated Reply Message and adds them to the corresponding group automatically. Because of this, there isn't any action that needs to be taken from the Inbox for your incoming Keywords.

This helps to keep your Inbox tidy and displays only the messages that will need a reply from you or another staff member!

Q: Do I still use a paper connection card?

A: Yes, you can still use a paper connection card.

The truth is, some churches don’t grab onto the concept of a digital Connection Card. And... that's ok! Although it saves your church time, a paper connection card is equally important.

We believe that gathering contact information is the most important part of effective communication, and there are so many ways to do that. While one person might be more tech-savvy and prefer to text in using a Keyword, another person might prefer writing down their information. Without having a paper connect card, we are missing out on the opportunity to connect with that person.

The magic happens when you follow up with your people. No matter how you enter your people in, the real connection happens when you are able to engage in conversation.

If you haven't checked out our welcome talks, do that here. It will encourage guests to share their information with you so you can start connecting with them!

The card below is just a sample of something your church could use. It hits the necessary points needed to begin the follow-up process, in addition to any other information they would like to share.

Q: What if people are not texting in the keyword or not filling out the digital connection card?

  1. If people are not texting in the Keywords do not worry. Keywords are just an added feature for tech-savvy users. Digital Connection Cards might be the way to go for your congregation. You certainly do not need to use our Keyword feature. How you gather folks' information is not nearly as important as how you follow up with them once you have it!

  2. We recommend doing both paper connection cards and digital Connection Cards (text a Keyword or use a digital Connection Card link) as you just never know who will be more comfortable with what and you want to reach the most people possible.

  3. Try sending out a few text messages to promote your next church event or sermon series. This will help people familiarize themselves with your Text In Church phone number. Sometimes it might just take a while to gain their confidence and trust in the new system!

Q: What if they text the wrong keyword?

A: If a person texts in with an incorrect or misspelled keyword, the text will show up in your inbox inside the messages section of your account, and you'll need to add them to the corresponding group manually. If you’re using multiple phone numbers, this will also happen if a person texts in the right Keyword but sends it to a phone number that is not associated with the Keyword.

Here's what to do next:

  1. Within that conversation, click the three dots in the top-right corner of the page.

2. This will open their profile. From there, you can choose the plus icon at the bottom right to add them to the desired Group.

If you need to adjust your keywords or the phone number they are associated with, you can open your Group in the Groups section and click the gray pencil at the top right to edit these details.

Q: Can I have multiple Keywords on one phone number?
A: You can have multiple Keywords on a single phone number. However, you can only have one of the same Keyword per phone number. For example, Phone number A can have the Keywords Home and Welcome, while phone number B can have its own Keywords Home and Welcome.

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