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How to add additional 10-digit local numbers to your Text In Church account

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Within your Text In Church account, you have the ability to add additional 10-digit local phone numbers to your account.

This is great for giving different campuses or specific ministries their own separate number for texting!

Combined with our Account Users and Permissions features, you can allow specific Users to only have access to one number, that way they can only see incoming and outgoing texts on that number.

To add multiple phone numbers, sign in to Text In Church and click Account Settings. Then, go to the “Account Overview” tab.

In the pop-up, select your Country and enter your area/dialing code (leading 3 digits of a phone number).

Click the drop-down menu to view a list of available phone numbers with this area/dialing code.

Click on the phone number to select this number, then choose “Save Phone Number” to have this number added to your account.

Now you’ll be able to use this new number to send and receive messages, assign keywords to be used with this phone number, and set permissions so that only certain account users can send and view messages from this number.

Important Details:

  • Only an Admin-level User can add additional phone numbers to the account

  • An Admin-level User will have access to use and view all phone numbers

  • If a person sends in “STOP” to one of your phone numbers, they will be opted out of receiving communications sent from all of your numbers.

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