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Some of the most asked questions about Text in Church

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Q: Who is Text In Church for?

A: Text In Church is for anyone who is looking to connect with people. We help churches follow up with their guests, engage with their members, and be more relevant.

Q: How long has Text In Church been around?

A: In 2012, Tyler began building church communication tools for his older brother’s church in his basement (he’s a church planter in California). Now, he has the privilege of working with thousands of pastors across the country as they leverage our tools and systems to make their ministry more efficient and effective.

Q: How does the billing for messages work?

A: Text In Church has various monthly or annual plan plans available to choose from to fit your communication needs. If you exceed your monthly message allotment, you will then be able to pay as you go for additional messages. You also have the ability to move to a larger or smaller plan or even cancel at any time.

Q: How are the monthly text messages calculated?

A: With emails or text messages, each message sent to each person counts as 1 message. For example, if you have the Pro plan with 1500 text messages, you could send 3 text messages to 500 people or send 1 message to 1500 people.

Q: Does Text In Church require everyone to download an app?

A: No, your members and guests don't have to download anything. They receive messages you send through standard email and text messaging platforms and can respond back to you as well. Only you and your leadership team will use the Text In Church app.

Q: Do you have a mobile app?

A: Our iOS and Android apps help you stay connected to your community at home, a coffee shop, and the grocery store.

Q: What if Text In Church doesn’t work out for me?

A: Although we’re confident you will fall in love with Text In Church, you can cancel at any time if it is not a good fit. There are no hidden fees.

Q: What types of payments do you accept?

A: We gladly accept all major credit cards for payment.

Q: What if my church is on a tight budget?

A: We know the struggle is real. Be encouraged! Using this platform will pay for itself when you gain more members; even just one new member will pay for several years of service. Start with our lowest plan and you will surely be surprised!

Q: We’re a church plant. Do you provide discounts?

A: We completely understand the struggles of a church plant as we were born out of one in California. Please contact support and they would be happy to assist you.

Q: Do you send emails in addition to text messages?

A: We do! They can be part of an Automated Workflow or just scheduled to send to a Group or Groups when you need to reach out.

Q: Are the Automated Workflows customizable?

A: Everything can be customized… So, you can decide when to send messages, what types of messages to send (email and/or text), how often to send messages, and of course, you control the content of each message.

Q: What phone number do we use?

A: We’ll set you up with a local 10-digit phone number that will send the majority of your messages. Personal communication starts with a personal phone number. However, some of the messages you send may be delivered from an 855 toll-free number in some instances to ensure message deliverability.

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