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People FAQs

Commonly asked questions about the People product of Text In Church

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Q: How does Text In Church handle duplicates?

Text In Church matches records based on phone number/email, not by name. A phone number and email can only be listed on one People record. If multiple records were allowed to share contact information in Text In Church, this would result in duplicate text messages and emails, which can easily lead to your TIC Phone Number or Emails being flagged as spam automatically, and we definitely don't want that to happen!

Q: I think there are duplicate People records in my account, how can I check?

While there are preventative systems to help prevent duplicate People Records in Text In Church, some accounts may still find duplicates from records created prior to updates made in 2020. To check for duplicates in your account, you can view the People section, expand the view, and then sort by the phone number or email column to review records with similar phone numbers and email addresses. Reach out to for help troubleshooting duplicates; we're here for you!

Q: How can I merge duplicate People records?

  1. Select your two contacts in People.

  2. Click "Action" and choose "Merge selected profiles."

  3. The first box shows your two contacts. Click "Next Step" at the bottom right.

  4. Choose which pieces of info you want for your merged contact. Items indicated with a green check mark are what will be included in the merge. You can select items from both records. The third column shows what your merged contact will look like.

  5. Click "Next Step".

  6. Review your merged information to make sure the final record is as desired. You may go back as needed to adjust.

  7. Click "Merge Now"

Q: Where do I find their addresses?

If someone has given their address in a connect card, you can find that information listed in their profile inside of the People Section.


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