The Talk In Church Summary page is where you can find an overview of your notifications and settings for Talk In Church, as well as add new Callers, Teams, and access your Digital Receptionists.

Using the “Add New” button in the top right corner you can add a new Phone Number, Digital Receptionist, Caller, Team, right from the Summary page!

The top half of the page will provide you with details regarding your current Talk In Church Phone numbers, unheard Voicemail messages, and Call History.

Learn more about these features in the links below:

Phone Numbers (Document coming soon)


Checking for Missed Calls

The lower half of the page will detail your active and unpublished Digital Receptionists, as well as Callers and Teams on your Talk In Church Account.

Your Digital Receptionist is what people will hear when they call your number. The Digital Receptionist plays a recording and allows the caller to press a number to learn more information (i.e. Thanks for calling City Church, Press 1 for service times and locations).

A Caller is a person that can make and receive calls from Talk In Church, and a Team is a group of Callers. When an incoming call is forwarded to a team, it will ring each person in the team until someone picks up the call.

Learn more about these features in the links below:

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