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How to Set Up a Digital Receptionist from a Template
How to Set Up a Digital Receptionist from a Template
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You can now use the Talk In Church feature to add a Digital Receptionist to your phone number! A Digital Receptionist is what people will hear and interact with when they call your Talk In Church number and allows the caller to press a number to learn more information (i.e. Thanks for calling City Church, Press 1 for service times and locations).

We’ve created a helpful template for you to quickly set up your Digital Receptionist. Here are the steps to take:

  • Select the Talk Section of your account

Click on Talk

  • Click on the Digital Receptionist option at the bottom of the list

Click on Digital Receptionist

  • Here you will want to click the orange “Add New” button on the top right side of the screen

Click on Add New

  • Click on the “Create from Template” button

Click on Create from Template…

  • Click Next at the bottom

Click on Next

  • Click on the template of your choice

Click on Main Church Receptionist…

  • Click Next

Click on Next

  • Next, you will fill out your church’s information which will be automatically inserted into the template

Click on dialog

  • Once your information is filled out you can click done. This will load the template of Actions into the Digital Receptionist

Click on Done

  • Next, you will want to read through the actions of your Digital Receptionist to make sure they fit your needs and make any adjustments to the wording

  • Then, you will want to click the settings wheel next to published to set up the Pro Voice Studio

Click on highlight

  • From here you can set up your Pro Voice Studio settings which will allow you to create custom recordings using advanced deep learning technologies to synthesize natural-sounding human voices or you can record your own
    Note: you will need your own microphone to record a greeting.

  • All changes to your Digital Receptionist are saved automatically and the Digital Receptionist will be published by default, ready for you to assign to any of your phone numbers. If needed, you can click the Published button, to disable this Digital Receptionist if you decide not to make use of it at this time

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