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How to Set Up Call Forwarding
How to Set Up Call Forwarding
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With Talk In Church you have the ability to set up call forwarding. This feature is a part of your Digital Receptionist. It is important to note that you can only forward calls to Callers in your Talk In Church account. In order to add a person as a Caller, they will need to first be added as a User or Admin to your Text In Church account.

To start, open Talk In Church and click on the ‘Digital Receptionist’ tab select your digital receptionist by clicking on the three dots and then click ‘Edit.’

Within your Digital Receptionist, you can set specific Actions to occur when the person calling presses a number. In this example, we’ll use the Team Directory action by clicking on the ‘Add Action’ button on your welcome script and selecting which action you would like to add to your script.

You can then add additional actions for each team member within your directory and then set which Caller each directory option will forward the call to.

If the call is forwarded outside of this Caller’s hours, you can enable a Voicemail Box to allow a voicemail message to be captured for this missed call. Learn more about Voicemail settings here!

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