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How to Send a Message to All People
How to Send a Message to All People

Send a Message to All Contacts How to Message Everyone

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With Text In Church, you can set up text and email messages to be sent to all opted-in People Records in your Account. This is great for those times when you have an important announcement that everyone needs to know.

Here’s how you can set a message to send to all People.

Getting Started:

  • Sign in to Text In Church and click on the Messages Section, then click Inbox. At the top left, click Create New Message

  • Select the type of Message you would like to create

  • (Optional) Create a title for your Text Message. NOTE: This title will only be visible in your account and can be helpful for finding sent or pending messages later.

  • Select Begin to move into the message builder

Step 1: Who should receive this message?

  • Click the People or Group icon, then select the check-box by “Select All”

  • Click “Save Changes” to move into the next step

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