Text In Church allows you to send a group message with a special code to pull a person's name and other details from their People Record to personalize the message!

Pretty cool, right?

To use our message variables, simply copy and paste or type the code into the system!

It is super easy to insert the code; just type in one of the following to have the system automatically add that information.


Email: {EMAIL}


Address: {ADDRESS_1} {CITY}, {STATE} {ZIP}

Comments: {COMMENTS}

You can also find our list of message variables in the email and SMS message builder- below the message- when you’re composing. See below.

A common way to use all the information listed above is in Automated Workflow reminder steps. You can set up a message to go to an office staff member or volunteer to send a note or give a call to a first-time guest. You can also use it to ask members to review their contact information and help you update what you have on file.

To make sure that you entered this correctly, we recommend sending a message to yourself first!

You will also notice that there are links to update contact forms at the bottom of the variables list. Those allow you to send a digital form asking a contact for their updated information. Maybe you like to update your system once a year or you switched systems but haven’t updated data in a couple of years. This would be a great way to check in with your members and ask them to send you their most updated contact information.

Update Contact Form English: {BASIC_UPD}

Update Contact Form Spanish: {BASICO_UPD}

Update Contact Form English Extended: {EXTENDED_UPD}

Update Contact Form Spanish Extended: {EXTENDIDO_UPD}

You can insert this into an email or a text message to send the form. This code generates a unique link that will update their unique record in Text In Church.

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