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Troubleshooting CSV Import

How to resolve common errors when importing People records.

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Need help to figure out why your CSV file won't upload? This support document provides helpful notes to troubleshoot common issues encountered while importing a CSV file of People Records into Text In Church. By following these guidelines, you can ensure a successful import of contact records into Text In Church and avoid potential errors.

  1. Check the CSV file header:

    • Verify that the CSV file includes a header row containing column titles.

    • Ensure that the necessary columns, such as First Name and Last Name, are present.

  2. Separate First Name and Last Name columns:

    • Ensure that the First Name and Last Name data are in separate columns within the CSV file.

    • Verify that the data in these columns is correctly formatted.

  3. Match column titles to Text In Church data fields:

    • When matching column titles to the Text In Church data fields, ensure that each data field is used only once.

    • The "Ignore" data field is the only one that can be assigned to multiple columns.

  4. Toggle Permissions option:

    • When uploading the CSV file, ensure that the Permissions option is toggled on.

    • Failure to enable this option will result in all imported records being opted out of text messaging and email, making it impossible to contact them through Text In Church.

    • Note: If you accidentally missed checking the permissions box when importing your CSV file, resulting in all records being opted out, you can contact us for assistance. Our team can help opt in these records.

      To correct this, please follow these steps:

      1. Email the Support Team: Contact us at with the subject line "Assistance with Re-Opting In Contacts."

      2. Attach the CSV File: Include the CSV file you initially used for the import. This file is necessary for our team to help correct this.

      3. Provide Account Details: Make sure to email us using the email you use to sign in to your Text In Church account or share this in the message with us.

  5. Verify the correct file:

    • Double-check that you are attempting to upload the correct CSV file that contains the desired contact information.

    • Ensure the file is not corrupted or missing any required data.

Contact Support For Additional Errors:

  • If you have followed all the troubleshooting steps and are still encountering errors, please reach out to our Member Experience team via chat or email for further assistance.

  • Please include any error messages received, helpful details, and a copy of the CSV file you are working with.

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