How to Host Phone Numbers

Learn how to host your church's landline with Text In Church for seamless communication. Text from your landline.

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Hosting your church's landline through Text In Church allows you to continue making calls from your physical landline while harnessing our platform to send effective and engaging text messages. This enhances your communication capabilities without losing the traditional benefits of a landline phone.

Note: There are two different processes Hosting and Porting:

  1. Hosting: your number stays with your landline provider, you'll be able to send and receive texts through this number using Text In Church. All calling functionality stays with your current landline provider.

  2. Porting: your landline number is transferred to us. You'll be able to send and receive texts and do all calling through this number using Text and Talk In Church. You would then be able to cancel your landline provider. For information on porting please see the article: Porting Your Number to Talk In Church

Here's a simple guide to help you get started with Hosting.

Step 1: Reach Out to Our Team

To initiate the hosting process, please contact our team!

  • Send an email to with the landline number you would like to host on your Text In Church account. Our team will work with the carriers to confirm the landline can be hosted for text messaging.

Step 2: Provide Necessary Information

Once we receive confirmation from the carriers that your number can be hosted, we'll email you with a short form to provide additional details required for hosting.

Step 3: Letter of Authorization

Next our team will provide you with a letter of authorization to sign and return. This grants permission for Text In Church to host your number for text messaging on your Text In Church account. We'll submit this to the carriers and they'll continue processing the request.

Step 5: Processing

The carriers will process the request anywhere between 2-5 business days. Your existing landline service and bill will not be impacted by hosting 🀩

Step 6: Go Live

Finally, our team will receive confirmation from the carriers that the process is completed and will set up you number onto your Text In Church account. You'll then be able to send and receive texts through Text In Church while still making calls as usual through your landline! πŸŽ‰

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Will hosting my landline impact my current service or bill from my landline provider?

    • No, hosting will not impact your current landline service or bill.

  • Are there any fees to host my number with Text In Church?

    • No, there are no additional fees to host your number with Text In Church

  • Can I replace my existing Text In Church number with my hosted landline?

    • Yes, you can replace any number on your Text In Church account with your hosted landline. Please let our support team know which number you would like to replace when reaching out to initiate the process.

  • If I change my landline provider after hosting with Text In Church, will this impact anything?

    • Yes, if you change your landline provider after hosting your number with Text In Church, it will disrupt the hosting and you will no longer be able to send or receive text messages using this number in Text In Church. Simply reach out to our support team to re-initiate hosting if you have changed landline providers to reconnect the hosting of your number.

  • Can I use Text In Church to make calls from my number instead of my landline?

Need Help?

If you have questions during this process, our support team is ready to assist you. Hosting your number allows you to maintain your church's presence and accessibility while enhancing communication with your community.

By following these steps, your church can take full advantage of modern communication tools without losing the traditional touch of a landline. Reach out today to get started!


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