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There is no phone number to select in my area code

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We purchase a phone number to connect to your account through the phone company we are connected with.

They have new numbers available for use based on demand. There is no way to look for a specific number. However, the list does update every few hours. You can check with other area codes that are in your area too if desired.

If you cannot find a number or one is not available please have some patience as you refresh and check back every day.

Generally, it does not take long and a number can be found fairly quickly. Some remote areas may experience a longer wait.

Reach out to Support and we can extend your trial until a number can be selected.

If your church has a landline phone number, we could potentially host that number for you so we can send text messages from it. Nothing changes to the voice capabilities or billing for that line, we are just able to send text messages from that number.

Reach out to Support and we can provide the next steps in this process!

We’re always happy to help! Send us a chat message or email our Member Support team at

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