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How To Set Up a Connect Card on My Website
How To Set Up a Connect Card on My Website

Install a connect card and widget on your website

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The Connect Card feature allows you to collect information from your website visitors through a customizable form. This can be used for Plan A Visit, Prayer Requests, Event Registration, etc. This document provides an overview of how to configure and install the Connect Card widget, as well as how to link it to your website.

Step 1: Create a Connect Card

To start, create a Connect Card that includes the necessary questions to collect the desired information from your website visitors. The Connect Card serves as a form for capturing data and can be customized according to your specific requirements. Learn how to build a Connect Card here.

Step 2: Create a Connect Widget to Launch the Connect Card

Next, create a Connect Widget that will serve as the launcher for accessing the Connect Card. The Connect Widget allows you to display multiple Connect Cards and additional links or resources. Connect Cards are not the only content you can include on the Connect Widget! You can include a link for online giving, your social media, or other important web pages. You can even create multiple Connect Widgets with different resources and connect each one to different pages of your website. Learn how to build a Connect Widget here.

Step 3: Configure How the Connect Widget Will Display on Your Website

Configure how the Connect Widget will appear on your website. You can enable a chat bubble, sticky banner, sticky button, and timed pop-up to launch the Connect Widget. You can customize how each of these will display to seamlessly integrate with your website's layout and user experience. Learn more about the different options here.

Step 4: Install the Script on Your Website Builder

Next, you will need to install the script provided by Text In Church. Inside of Text In Church, open Connect > Cards, then click "Link Your Website." In Step 1, copy the script provided. This script should be placed within the header code of your website builder. Here are instructions on how to do this with the most commonly used website builders. Refer to your website builder's documentation for instructions on how to add custom scripts

After installing the script, return to Text In Church and the Connect Card tab and choose "Link your website," then click "Next" to continue to step 2 "Verify."

Step 5: Link Your Website and Configure Widget Display

Within step 2 "Verify," you will paste your website address to verify the script has been installed correctly. Next, a list of your website pages will be displayed and you will be able to configure which widgets should be displayed on specific webpages of your website.

  • Set a default Connect Widget to have that widget displayed on all pages of your website. Leave this blank if you would like to have certain pages NOT display any Connect Widget.

  • If a page is missing from the list, copy the website address of that page and paste it into the add field.

  • Select from the drop-down the specific Connect Widget that should be displayed on the specific website page.

  • Click the 3-dot icon, then choose "Verify" to enable the Connect Widget on the specific webpage. A green symbol means the widget is enabled, while the red symbol means it is not and won't be displayed on that page.

  • Remove the widget from specific pages by clicking the 3-dot icon and selecting "Delete" to delete the Connect Widget from this specific webpage

Step 6: Test Your Published Website

Once you have completed the configuration and linking process, save your changes. Finally, test the Connect Card and the Connect Widget by viewing your published website!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I only have 1 Connect Card and widget. How can I make it show on every page of my website?

    • If you only have 1 Connect Card Widget and want it to display on every page of your website, you'll want to set this widget as the Default Widget during Step 5 of the above instructions.

  • I have multiple Connect Cards how can I have both to show up on every page of my website?

    • If you have multiple connect cards and you want them to both be displayed on every page of your website, you'll want to create a single widget that is linked to both connect cards. This is done in Step 2 of the above instructions. Then set this Widget with both connect cards as the Default Widget during Step 5 of the above instructions.

  • I have multiple Connect Cards, I want 1 to go on one page, and another to a different page. How can I do this?

    • If you have multiple Connect Cards and want them to be displayed on their own separate pages of your website, then you'll need to create a separate widget for each Connect card during Step 2 of the above instructions. Then within Step 5, select the specific Widget and assign it to the specific pages of your website as needed.

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