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Transform Your Church Website into an Invitation Machine
Transform Your Church Website into an Invitation Machine

Our Connect Widget is designed to enhance your church's website by inviting visitors to take action and engage with your community.

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Welcome to the Text In Church Connect Widget guide! Our Connect Widget feature is designed to enhance your church's website by inviting visitors to take action and engage more deeply with your community. Whether you're a busy church leader or communicator, this guide will help you understand how to implement and utilize Connect Widgets effectively to go from frazzled to focused, ensuring your congregation feels known, noticed, and loved.

What is a Connect Widget?

A Connect Widget is a powerful tool that can be embedded on your church's website to encourage visitors to take the next step in their journey with your church. You can use it for various purposes, including digital connection cards for new visitors planning a visit, prayer request submissions, event RSVPs, social media connections, and much more.

Setting Up Your Connect Widget

Step 1: Define Your Goals

Before setting up your Connect Widget, it's important to define what you aim to achieve. Do you want to make it easier for new visitors to plan a visit? Collect prayer requests? Or maybe you want to promote a specific event. Knowing your goals will guide how you customize your widget.

Step 2: Customize Your Widget

Text In Church offers several customization options for your Connect Widget. You can:

  • Showcase multiple digital connection cards or links based on your goals.

  • Include extra resources like donation links, Amazon Wish lists, or a church map.

  • Customize the appearance of your widget, including the option for a chat bubble, sticky button, or banner.

Step 3: Embedding on Your Website

To embed the Connect Widget on your website:

  1. Choose Your Display Option: Decide between a chat bubble, sticky button, or banner.

  2. Install the Widget: Use the provided code to embed the widget on your website. You can install it for the entire site and then personalize which widgets display on specific pages.

Step 4: Link to Social Media and Other Platforms

Besides your website, the Connect Widget can be linked to your social media channels and other platforms. This can be a cost-effective alternative to services like Linktree, allowing you to consolidate your digital presence within Text In Church.

Best Practices

  • Be Clear and Concise: Ensure your calls to action are clear and direct. Avoid overwhelming visitors with too many options.

  • Use Visually Appealing Design: The design of your widget should be inviting and consistent with your church’s branding.

  • Monitor and Adjust: Keep track of how your Connect Widget is performing and make adjustments as needed. This might include changing the calls to action, updating the resources, or tweaking the design.

If you encounter any issues or have questions about setting up or customizing your Connect Widget, our support team is here to help. You can reach out through our help center or contact support directly for assistance at

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