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How does the wait number of days and then specific day work?
How does the wait number of days and then specific day work?

How does the number of days and the specific days work in the Automated Workflow section?

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Our Automated Workflows have a unique scheduling system that can be based on when someone "Joins the Group", a specific calendar date, or a date in someone's profile (birthday or wedding anniversary). All messages will trigger based on the schedule you set up.

When you create a step in an Automated Workflow, you will see three things under the Schedule option:

  1. Wait days

  2. Day to Send the Message

  3. Time to Send the Message

The first box is how many days (or hours or minutes) you want to wait after the trigger before this step sends.

The second box is allowing you to choose a specific day of the week you want your message delivered.

And the third box allows you to pick a specific time to send.

You can choose the option of "00 Days" if you want it to go on a specific time after they join.

For example, if I use the “Group Join” trigger then set the step to "Wait 0 Days, Send on Any Day, Send at 1:00 pm,” it will send on the first time that 1:00 pm happens after they join the specified group. So, if they text a Keyword or are added manually prior to 1:00 pm, the message will be sent at 1:00 pm that day to that member. If they join after 1:00 pm, it will send at 1:00 pm the next day.

Another example: If I wanted to send a message on the second Monday after they join- not the first Monday but a week after- I would tell the system to wait 1 or 2 days (really just enough days to get past the first Monday) and then on the next Monday following the waiting period it will send at the designated time and day!

We highly recommend that you create your Workflow first, then add your members. from there.

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