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Play #1 Event RSVP & Check In
Play #1 Event RSVP & Check In

Using Text in Church for Event RSVP and Check In

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See below graphic for the Playbook Play #1 with sample text message you could send as part of this implementation step.

EVENT RSVP: You do a great job of planning events for your church, we want you to make sure you get the highest attendance possible. If you aren't reminding your congregation via text prior to the event, you are missing out!  We are in a very busy world where people add new things to their schedules daily.  Keep in front of them with a simple reminder text during the week of the event, and again the day before.  You can send these reminders to your "Members in the Loop" group, or you can have people specifically join an RSVP group for the event via keyword, or by having a tablet set up in the lobby with the digital connection card link to get RSVP info.

For the RSVP to an event we recommend creating your group and importing our template set named "Outreach Event RSVP".  That will give you four follow up messages.  You will want to decide between asking for the RSVP number or if you will use a free survey link to get more RSVP data.  Then only activate the workflow text message that corresponds to the way you choose (choose between the 2nd and 3rd items listed here).

You may also want to schedule a text message and email message to go on the day before the event as a last reminder.  You will want to do this under the Messages tab with a New Message and set the specific date/time of the message to send.  With Automated Workflows, it is based on the day they joined the group and you will want to promote your event for multiple weeks so you need to create a scheduled one-time message for the specific date.

Here is a sample text you can copy, edit, and use for your scheduled messages:

Text Message: "Don't forget! [INSERT EVENT NAME] is tomorrow at [INSERT EVENT TIME].  We hope to see you there! ~ [INSERT PASTOR NAME]"


I'm so excited you can attend [INSERT EVENT NAME] tomorrow at [INSERT EVENT TIME]! It's sure to be a great time.  Don't forget to bring a friend too!

For more information check out this link: [INSERT EVENT WEBPAGE] or see attached flyer.

We are very excited you can join us and know it's just going to be a great time to connect with our church members and community!

Grace and peace,


EVENT CHECK IN: If your event is open to the community, you should be gathering information from guests at your event!  Make every dollar and volunteer hour that goes into the event, go as far as it can.  You can do this simply by having a "check in table" with tablets loaded with the event group's digital connection card link set up.  Then ask people to sign in as they get there, sign to get a free gift, sign in to get into the food line, or even run a contest and they enter that way.  You could also ask people to text in a keyword during the event to serve as a check in or give away entry form.  There are lots of options!  But gather that information so you can thank them for coming, tell them more about your church, and invite them back before your next regular service.

For the check in to an event we recommend creating your group and importing our template set named "Outreach Event Check In System".  That will give you four follow up messages.  You will want to edit messages to be specific for your event and include details for the drawing of prizes if you are doing that as part of the event. These follow up steps also give them information about our church so think about the ways you are unique and be sure to include a bit of details about that so they get to know about your church more.  See screenshot below of template messages.

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