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How to create your Staff Directory
How to create your Staff Directory

Adding extensions for your Talk In Church Staff Directory

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Inside your Digital Receptionist, one of the Action Steps that you can create is a Staff Directory. You can have the call forwarded to specific staff members without giving out their extension numbers. The Staff Directory will list out your staff members in a menu and allow your members to "Press one to reach Pastor Joe" and the call will be forwarded.

First, go to the Digital Receptionist that you would like to add this to. You can then click "+ Add Action" in your Welcome Script Box:

A menu will pop up on the right-hand side, you will then select "Staff Directory" and click "Add Action" at the bottom of that menu:

You will then see this box displayed. This will be the message that is read when someone selects your Staff Directory option in your Welcome Script.

You will replace the {Extension 1} with the name of the person that you would like to have option 1 transferred to. In order for the system to transfer the call to the staff member, they will have to be listed as a Caller in your account. When you are ready to add your Staff Members, you can click "+ Add Action" in your Staff Directory box:

From the right-hand menu, select Custom Action, and then click "Add Action" at the bottom.

From there you will be able to type a short message in your Custom Action Box. That will be read before the call is forwarded. You can then click the "Forward to" button on the right-hand side and select the caller from the drop-down menu:

You can then repeat the custom action steps to add additional staff to your Staff Directory.

Once your Staff Directory is set up the way you like, be sure to edit your Welcome Script to include your new Staff Directory option. You can click on that box and add "To hear our Staff Directory, press 5"

All changes will automatically be saved as you work!

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