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Specific group link that allows you to use a stand alone link to add people to TIC

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Text In Church Connect cards is a handy digital tool for collecting information from your people. What makes them so fantastic, though, is when you set up a Connect Card in Text In Church, you do so within a specific Group(s). This means, anytime that a Connect Card is filled out, that person’s contact information goes directly into the Group you’ve connected this card to. The information is organized in your Groups without you having to lift a finger.

This is also perfect to use on tablets before or after service and at community events as a check-in station.

To start, click on the Cards section under Connect.

Next, click on the three dots next Connect Card you would like the link to.

You can then click the edit button and select the copy link button for this Connect Card.

You can then copy the Connect Card to your clipboard allowing you to simply copy and paste the URL from the address bar for use on a tablet, or computer. Each link is unique to the Group you are in, so be aware of this as you copy the Connect Card for use.

You can email this link to a volunteer who doesn't have access to Text In Church but is helping enter paper connections into a Group. This can also be sent out to volunteers bringing their own tablets to use at a community event for check-in or registration for a giveaway. Use it in the lobby to get RSVPs for upcoming events, or even at a hospitality station for new guests.

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