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Ultimate Guide for using Text In Church for Outreach Events
Ultimate Guide for using Text In Church for Outreach Events

Revolutionize church outreach with Text In Church: streamline event registration, check-in, & follow-up, enhancing community engagement.

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Organizing and executing successful outreach events is a cornerstone of church community engagement. With Text In Church, managing these events, from planning to post-event follow-up, becomes seamless and efficient. Here’s how to leverage Text In Church to revolutionize your outreach events, ensuring a meaningful connection with both attendees and volunteers.

1. Event Registration

  • Digital Connection Cards: Use Text In Church’s digital connection cards to collect RSVPs effortlessly. Offer multiple ways for attendees to register:

    • Text-to-Register: Implement a keyword system (e.g., text "EVENT" to a specific number) for quick registrations.

    • Direct Links: Share links to the digital connection card via emails, social media, or even through QR codes on promotional materials.

    • Video Pages: Utilize Text In Church’s Video Pages feature to share event details with a call to action to register.

  • Automated Workflows: Set up workflows triggered by the event date to send reminder messages to registrants. This automation ensures attendees are well-informed and excited about the upcoming event.

2. Check-In at the Event

  • Digital Check-In: Arrange iPads or tablets at the welcome area for a smooth check-in process. This setup is particularly useful for walk-ins or those who missed pre-registration.

  • QR Codes and Keywords: Like registration, utilize QR codes and keywords for a quick check-in experience. This method also innovates the way attendees enter event-specific giveaways.

3. Follow-Up with Attendees

  • Post-Event Workflow: Create a dedicated workflow in Text In Church for post-event engagement. This can include:

    • Invitations: Send texts and emails inviting attendees to upcoming church services or other events.

    • Surveys: Use survey builders to gather feedback about the event, helping you improve future outreach efforts.

4. Engaging Volunteers

  • Recruitment and Training: Share the purpose behind the event and inspire potential volunteers through Video Pages. Make signing up as straightforward as possible using the strategies outlined for event registration.

  • Communication: Keep volunteers informed with automated reminders and updates leading up to and during the event. Use Text In Church to send out last-minute changes or critical announcements.

  • Feedback and Appreciation: After the event, engage volunteers with surveys to enhance the volunteer experience and express gratitude for their contributions.

Pro Tips:

  • Personalize Your Messages: Tailor your communication to reflect your church’s voice and the specific event to foster a genuine connection.

  • Leverage Data for Outreach: Use the information collected during registration and check-in to understand your community better and tailor future events to their interests and needs.

  • Celebrate Success: Share stories of impact and success from your events with your church community to encourage ongoing engagement and participation.

By integrating these strategies with Text In Church, your church can elevate its outreach efforts, making every event an opportunity to deepen connections within your community and beyond. Remember, the key to successful church outreach lies in effective planning, execution, and follow-up—all made easier with Text In Church.

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