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Using Text in Church for Volunteer Communication

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See below graphic for the Playbook Play #6 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

Volunteers are a very important part of every church.  They help make sure all areas are attended to properly and help serve the mission of the church.  Keeping them updated on volunteer details and reminders is important to keep everything running smoothly.

With Text in Church you can create groups for different volunteer areas.  You could even have people join via keyword or digital connection card link on a tablet to get involved in volunteering.  Once they are in the group it's easy to schedule messages or send a group message at any point to keep them updated.  Nothing is worse than scrambling to fill a volunteer spot at the last minute.  However, if you have a group set up in Text in Church you can increase communication by reminding people of their upcoming volunteer role.  This allows them to respond back in advance if they are unable to meet this obligation.  Then you can send new message out to the whole group asking for someone to fill this spot. 

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