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How to use the "Prayer Request Playbook™ - Collect" Strategy
How to use the "Prayer Request Playbook™ - Collect" Strategy

Learn to set up Text In Church's Prayer Request Playbook™ for efficient collection and management of prayer requests in your church.

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Implementing an effective system for prayer requests can significantly enhance the spiritual support your church offers. Text In Church's "Prayer Request Playbook™ - Collect" Automated Workflow provides a structured and efficient way to manage prayer requests. This article will guide you through setting up this system, ensuring your church can easily collect and respond to prayer requests.

Step 1: Creating a Prayer Request Group

First, create a dedicated group in Text In Church for collecting prayer requests. This group will be the central hub where prayer requests can be collected.

  • Click "Groups"

  • Click "Add New" in the top right

  • Click "Create New Group"

  • Give the Group a Title

  • Optionally add a Description and Assign Users as needed

  • Click "Next Step"

  • Click "Close" - we will configure the Connect Card and Keyword in later steps.

Step 2: Setting Up a Connect Card

Create a new Connect Card by importing the Text In Church template.

  • Click "Connect" from the Left Menu and select "Cards"

  • Click "Add New" in the top right

  • Click " Connect Card"

  • Select " Create from Template" and then click "Next"

  • Locate the "Prayer Request - Collect" Connect Card template, select it, then click "Next"

  • Select All questions from the list to import with the template, then click "Create"

  • Edit the display setting of the Connect Card as needed then click "Next"

  • Optionally adjust the order of the questions if needed, then click "Next"

Step 3: Linking Connect Card to the Group

Now, connect the Connect Card to your prayer request group. This connection means that when someone submits a prayer request, it automatically gets added to the group.

  • Toggle on the "Link this Group to a Connect Card" and select the Prayer Request Collect Group you have created in Step 1

Step 4: Setting Up a Keyword

For added convenience, consider setting up a keyword that people can text to receive the Connect Card. This feature makes it easy for your congregation to submit prayer requests anytime, anywhere.

  • Toggle on the "Activate Group Keyword"

  • Type the 3-9 character keyword you want to use for this group into the "Group Keyword" box

  • Select which of your TIC Phone Numbers your people should send this keyword to

  • Toggle on the "Send Keyword Automated Reply Message"

  • In the text box, compose a brief reply encouraging people to tap the link to submit their prayer request.

  • Insert the link to the Connect Card by clicking "Links" and then locating your Prayer Request Collect Connect Card within the list.

  • Click "Save"

Step 5: Smart Saving Prayer Requests

To organize prayer requests efficiently, set up a custom field in the People records specifically for Prayer Requests. Return to configure the Connect Card to enable smart save for the Prayer Request question on your Connect Card to this new custom field. This step ensures that all prayer requests are stored and can then be inserted into the Automated Workflow notification.

  • Click "Account Settings" ⚙️icon from the bottom left menu

  • Select "Contact Custom Fields"

  • Click "Add" in the top right corner

  • Type "PrayerRequest" into the field name

  • Ensure the "Field Type" is set to "Text"

  • Type PrayerRequest into the "Field Variable Name" (this is the variable that will insert into the Automated Workflow)

  • Ensure the "Field Default Value" is empty

  • Click "Add Custom Field" to Save these settings

Step 6: Importing and Connecting the Automated Workflow

Import the "Prayer Request Playbook™ - Collect" Automated Workflow and connect it to your prayer request group. This workflow will automate the process of collecting and reminding your staff or volunteers about the prayer requests.

  • Click "Connect" from the left menu

  • Select "Workflows"

  • Click "Add New" and select "Create from Template." then choose "Next"

  • Locate the "Prayer Request Playbook™ - Collect" Template, then choose "Select"

  • Ensure the 2 steps are selected then choose "Next" to import these steps

  • Customize the messages by filling out the variable form to add your Church Name, email and Sender Name

  • Set the Trigger to be the group you created in Step 1

Step 7: Customizing the Reminder Message

Within the automated workflow, you'll find a reminder message. Edit this message to include the Prayer Request custom field variable. This action ensures that the individual receiving the reminder will see the specific prayer request submitted.

  • After importing, you will then be taken to the Automated Workflow

  • Click the first step to configure this Reminder Email message

  • Within "Create Your Message" edit the fields as needed

  • In the body of the Reminder Email, remove "INSERT CUSTOM PERSON VARIABLE FROM DROPDOWN BELOW HERE"

  • Click "Variables" then select "PrayerRequest" to insert this variable into the message

Step 8: Assigning Recipients for the Workflow Reminder

Decide who in your church staff or volunteer team should receive these reminders. This could be your prayer team, pastoral staff, or any designated group within your church responsible for following up on prayer requests.

  • Within this Reminder Email message, select the intended recipient within the "Send To" field.

  • Click Save at the bottom to save this Step.

  • If you want multiple people to receive these Prayer Request notifications, you will need to duplicate this step and assign the copy to additional staff, team members, or volunteers.

    • Click the copy step icon in the right corner

    • Configure the copy as needed, then click "Save" at the bottom

Step 9: Configure the "Remove from group" Step

Within this Automated Workflow template, a "Remove from Group" step is included. This will automatically remove the person from the group after a set number of days, keeping the group tidy. When a person texts the keyword and submits the connect card again, they'll be readded to the group and re-start the Automated Workflow so that you can be notified and follow up with their new request!

  • Click the "Remove from group" Automated Workflow Step to configure this step

  • Set the "Group" for this step to be the Prayer Request group you created in Step 1.

  • Click "Save Step" at the bottom to save your changes

Step 10: Activating the Workflow

Ensure that all steps in the workflow are activated and that the workflow itself is set to active.

  • Click the Red dot by any paused steps to activate them (active steps have a green indicator)

By following these steps, your church can effectively manage prayer requests, ensuring that each request is treated with the care and attention it deserves. This system not only streamlines the process of collecting and managing prayer requests but also reinforces the supportive community within your church. Remember, the power of prayer is immense, and by organizing how your church collects and prays for these requests, you are strengthening your ministry's impact.

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