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Using Text in Church for Ministry Areas

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See below graphic for the Playbook Play #3 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

Text In Church makes it easy to create Groups based on various ministry areas and smaller groups within your church. This allows group leaders to easily send reminder messages about upcoming meetings and open direct communication as needed too. Your church is stronger and you have higher regular attendance when members get involved in groups and activities within the church beyond just your regular weekly service.

You can even create a Keyword for a given Group and ask people to sign up via Keyword during service or use a tablet with a Digital Connection Card link at a table in the lobby to get people connected to various ministry areas in your church. Staying connected is the important part!


We have a template set called "Small Group Communication" that you can import within a Group after you create it. This provides you with three texts and one email thanking them for signing up for a specific Group and asking for feedback. Click Import from Template and choose to load these steps for editing with your church info. Remember to set them as Active when finished editing.


There are times when date specific messages need to be sent about a Group. You can do this under the Messages tab, then New Message, and select the group when sending. Then you can queue to send right then, or schedule for a date & time coming up.

Meeting Reminder Text:

"Don't forget the [INSERT GROUP NAME] meets [INSERT DAY] at [INSERT TIME] in [INSERT MEETING LOCATION]. Hope to see you there! -- [INSERT LEADER NAME]"

Request for Help for Serve Group Text:

"We need to have an extra meeting this week. Can you come at [INSERT MEETING DETAILS], {FIRST_NAME}? ---[INSERT GROUP LEADER NAME]"


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