Effortlessly streamline messages with Text In Church's Templates. Save time and ensure consistent communication.

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Templates in Text In Church provide an efficient way to save time and maintain uniformity in your communications. This feature enables you to easily insert pre-defined messages into your regular texts, emails, or automated workflows. Here's everything you need to know about using Templates in Text In Church.

What are Templates?

A Quick Reply is a predefined message that can be either a text or an email. It's conveniently accessible as a button located at the bottom of the message builder in Text In Church. Currently Templates can be used on the standard email, text or automated workflow message builder, as well as from the Inbox! Coming soon: the ability to access Templates in the mobile apps!

Users have the flexibility to insert a Quick Reply and then make any necessary adjustments before sending or scheduling it. It's important to note that any edits made to the message will not alter the original Quick Reply Template in Text In Church.

Accessibility and Management

All Templates are available to both admins and users in Text In Church, ensuring that everyone on your team can benefit from this time-saving feature. Additionally, there is no limit to the number of Templates that can be created.

To manage your Templates in Text In Church, simply navigate to the Messages section and select Templates.

View, Edit, and Delete existing Templates or create new Templates from here.

Templates can have a Description field that you can use to help organize and categorize your Templates.

Some Ideas on how to use these Descriptions:

  • Add a note about which ministry teams this template is for

  • Label Templates used commonly in replying to incoming prayer requests

  • Add a description on templates that are only used around Easter, Christmas, or other Holidays

Mobile Usage and Future Updates

Please note that Templates are not yet available in the Mobile Apps, but these features are coming soon! 🎉

As of now, all users, including admins, have the ability to edit all Templates in Text In Church. This ensures that customization and adjustments can be made by anyone who needs it.

Templates are a valuable tool for streamlining your messaging process in Text In Church, saving you time and ensuring consistent communication. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team. support@textinchurch.com We're here to help!

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