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  1. How to Archive Select Messages

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Archiving messages that have already been responded to helps keep your Inbox organized and showcases the messages that need your attention.

The Archived tab is in the Messages section listed right underneath Inbox. Archiving does not delete the message or message history but merely takes it out of the Inbox to help you better see the newest incoming messages. Messages will move back to the Inbox when you receive a new response from a person. You can see the full message history at any time if needed.

How to Archive Select Messages:

There are two ways you can archive select messages. One by one from the Conversation History View, or by selecting the check box on specific messages.

  1. Click on the message.

  2. Click on the file box icon in the top right corner.

  1. Click the box next to the message you want to archive

  2. Click “Action”

  3. Select "Archive"

How to Archive All Messages

  1. Go to the Messages section and click on Inbox

  2. Click “Action”, located at the top of your Inbox, right under the New Message button.

  3. Click “Archive All.” This will move all messages to the archive folder.

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