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How Can I Make a Beautiful, Newsletter Style Email?
How Can I Make a Beautiful, Newsletter Style Email?

How to make a beautiful email using outside code

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Quick Pro Tip before we dive in here: we recommend that on a regular basis, you send emails that are short, personal, and to the point. Statistics are showing a trend of people not reading long, detailed emails simply due to the huge amount of emails they receive. If you have a lot of information you want to send out on a regular basis, we recommend sending a link to your website or landing page where all of that information can live and leaving the email short and sweet.

However, we understand you might want to send newsletter-style emails occasionally, and we have a way to do that through Text In Church!

  • To get started, choose the email design program you are most comfortable with.

  • For illustration purposes, we went with Mail Chimp. It is free, and they have some cool design features.

  • Create the email with the design and images that you would like.

  • Once you are satisfied with how it looks, click the "Save as Template" option in the upper right corner.

  • When you save it as a template, you can then go in and hit the edit button to export it as HTML.

  • Then you can open the document. Here you can highlight everything, then copy.

  • You can then go into your Text In Church account and paste the email template into a Plain Text Email! You can do this for both a one-time message and for an Automated Workflow email step.

  • Schedule that message out, and when Text In Church sends the email, you will have a beautiful newsletter-style email that will come with all the awesome benefits of Text In Church!

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