How To Use the User Signature

How to setup a User Signature and Insert into your messages automatically

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The User Signature is a great feature that allows you to quickly sign your name at the end of a Text or Email Message, to let your recipients know who has sent them this specific message. One awesome thing about the User Signature is that each individual User and Admin on your Text In Church account can have their own unique Signature to use when signing messages.

This can come in handy later when you want to determine which User or Admin sent a particular message.

How to Set Up or Edit A User Signature

  • Sign in to Text In Church and click the Settings icon in the bottom left corner of the page. Then choose the Users tab from the pop-out menu.

  • Within the Users section, select the three-dot icon, then click “Edit” by the Account User you want to create or edit the User Signature for.

  • In the “User Signature” box, type the signature that you would like to display, then click “Save”

How to Insert the User Signature into a Message

Once the Signature is created, this User can then compose messages and click the “Variables” drop-down box to find the User Signature Variable. When actually delivered to the recipients, “User Signature” will automatically be replaced with the signature set on this User’s profile.

Learn more about User Features

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