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Using Text in Church for Parents of Kids

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See below graphic for the Playbook Play #9 with sample text messages you could send as part of this implementation step.

Parents are raising the next generation of church members and leaders.  They need lots of encouragement along the way.  In our busy world where kids are often over-scheduled with activities, it's important to remind them of church events focusing on kids. You can also easily give them follow-up material from your weekly children's service time. This is not only helpful to the parents, but it's giving them an excellent experience and reinforcing the need for them to attend regularly with their children. Let's be honest, it's hard work to get those kids out of the door each week. Pat them on the back and tell them job well done so they will continue to make the effort.  Also, every parent likes to know what their child did when they were away from them.

Text in Church allows for easy group messaging with the parents of your kids. Create a group exclusively for the parents of kids and import information from your children's check-in process or simply ask them to sign up via keyword or filling out the digital connection card link. If desired you could even do additional groups by age to allow the leaders of different age groups to send out their own updates via text or email. There are lots of options!

SCHEDULED EMAIL SCRIPTS: There are times when date-specific messages need to be sent about a group.  You can do this under the Messages tab, then New Message, and select the group when sending.  Then you can queue to send right then, or schedule for a date & time coming up.

Event Reminder Text:
"{FIRST_NAME}, remember tomorrow at [INSERT CHURCH NAME] we are hosting the [INSERT EVENT NAME] at [INSERT EVENT DETAILS]. Hope to see you & your family there! ~ [INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

Class Topic Text:

"This week in Children's church we talked about [INSERT TOPIC]. Ask your child about the [INSERT ACTIVITY] that we did to go along with the lesson.  ~[INSERT PASTOR NAME]"

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